Each fall hundreds of polar bears migrate towards the community of Churchill knowing fully well that the ice will form first in this area of ​​Hudson Bay. This annual migration of bears attracts over 10,000 tourists in this small community of about 900 souls. Bears are also present in Churchill during the summer but they are less visible since, being forced to fast, they try to stay cool and save their energies. It is nevertheless essential for us to be vigilant while walking as they could surprise us anywhere.

During the summer, another animal specie migrates to Churchill : belugas. More than 3000 of them stay at the mouth of the Churchill River. A kayaking trip among the belugas is an unforgettable experience! The images in this portfolio will give you an overview of Churchill in summer and late fall.

For stories behind some of these photographs, take a look at our blog entries that are associated with our October 2010 and August 2011 trips to Chuchill.


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