The Moravian mission of Hebron was established in 1831. Located at the latitude of 58º 12' N it was the northernmost settlement in Labrador until the day in 1959 when the Moravian church and the provincial government officials decided to close the settlement without first consulting with the local population. The inuit families were relocated against their will to various communities along the Labrador shore. Some families dismantled their house and brought it with them. Fifty years later, some of the abandoned houses and the main building which used to house the church, the school and the general store still remain on site. The main building is the subject of restorations. In August 2009, the provincial government unveiled a monument officializing its apologies for the site closure.

Back in 1880, Abraham Ulrikab and 7 other inuits left Hebron to be put on display as "exotic people" in the Hamburg zoo as well as in other european zoos. Six months after their arrival in Europe, all 7 inuits had died, the authorities responsible of their adventure having omitted to vaccinate them against smallpox.

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