Wildlife North of 60


With fewer than 1% of Canadians living above the 60th parallel, these northern lands may seem inaccessible and inhospitable. Nevertheless, just like the humans who have braved the elements to adopt these high latitudes as their homeland, a wide variety of wildlife species share the territory whether on a permanent or temporary basis. This notebook is intended to introduce you to twenty or so of these animal species. Whether they are terrestrial, avian or marine, all of these species have adapted and won their bet to survive and make the most of the Arctic environment. Surprise! You may recognize some that live near you.

This 6" X 9" (15 X 23 cm) notebook has a total of 100 pages and 25 black and white photographs. Pages are lined.

To view the interior of the Wildlife north of 60 notebook click on the image of the cover below:

Cover of the Wildlife North of 60 notebook