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Nunavik Nordiks Vs Nepean Wildcats – Girls Midget Hockey Friendship Game

Good morning!! As mentionned in last week’s post, last night, the Sensplex was host to a special event: a friendship game between Nunavik’s girls midget hockey team and Nepean’s Wildcats. More than 80 people gathered to watch and cheer for both teams.

The match was somewhat special as the organisers of this friendship game went through lots of efforts to make it a most memorable evening. To allow you to relive the events as they unfolded, here is a series of photographs. For those who were present, I hope they will bring back great memories! For those who did not attend, hope they will give you a feel for the atmosphere that filled the Mattamy Homes arena.

Thanks to all for a most enjoyable evening!
France Rivet

Update (Mar 23): Here’s a very interesting article that was published on Wednesday’s friendship game by Ken Warren of the Ottawa Citizen: Nunavik Nordik’s program makes a difference in northern Quebec

6PM. Paola, one of the organisers and coach of the Wildcats, puts the final touches to the gift basket that will be raffled.

Signs are starting to go up!

Let's get a "Friendship Game" sign ready!

The friendship game sign is up in no time!

For each girl of both teams, the organisers had prepared a colored cardboard on which fans were invited to draw their message.

Pick the girl you want to cheer for!

Alice Go Girl!!

Some showed up with their sign already made! Welcome Nunavik!

Team work!

Let's cheer for Pamela!

Go Go Go Pamela!

Hum! What color should I put here?

Concentrating to do a super job!

Let's go Caelan

Notice the hockey stick! So cool!

Go Meghan Go!

7:10! The Nunavik's Nordiks are ready to jump on the ice!

So are the Nepean Wildcats.

Nepean Wildcats' coaching team seems pretty relaxed!

Nunavik's coaching team puts the final touches to its strategy!

Last minutes instructions before the game starts.

Yes we can!

Flash fans!

More flash fans!

The game has started

Wildcats' goalie

I'm ready!

It's in! The Wildcats open the score.

Nordiks follow with a goal shortly after. Flash fans are doing their job!!

Third period starts. Score is now 2-2. Sorry! I missed both team's second goal! They scored as I was chatting with the Nordiks' bus driver 😉

Only 11 minutes left in the game.

Everybody, except me, is looking at the other end of the rink where the action is 😉

Let's go girls!

The Nordiks girls who scored the team's third goal...

... with less than 3 minutes left in the game.

At 11 seconds from the end, the Nordiks score in an empty net.

The Nordiks win their second friendship game in two days.

Job well done!

Thanks to both team for an exciting game.

Final score

Kirsten screaming out the winning number for the raffle

The winner receives her price from Tanya.

A whole bunch of happy smiles.

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