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Nunavik Nordiks girls midget hockey team makes it to the semi-finals!

View of the Kanata Recreation Center's arena where the Nordiks played their second game of the tournament.

Once again today, the Nunavik Nordiks girls midget hockey team had the opponent teams’ goalies sweating heavily! At 12:30PM they played against the Kanata 3 team. During this second game of the tournament, they went off to break their record number of goals in a single game. The record almost doubled as it went from 4 to 7 goals. But guess what? Being such nice and compassionate girls, they gave two chances to their opponants. The first one occured at 5:11 minutes into the second period when they allowed their very first goal of the tournament.

The first and only goal the Nordiks have allowed their opponents to score so far in the tournament!

As for the second chance they gave their opponents, everybody will have to agree that they went above and beyond their call of duty as they scored one of these 7 goals in their own net 😉 Sorry! I don’t have a picture of that goal! I was right there, just a few feet away, but I was so surprised that I didn’t have the reflex to click on the shutter!! With 4:31 minutes left in the second period, the score was 3-1 for the Nordiks when one of the defense players attempted to make a pass going in front of her goalie. In a flash, the puck went in front of the goaler (who, very understandably, had no reason to feel threatened) and right in the bottom right corner of the net! The siren went off! The score board was changed to 3-2. The Nordiks defense player and the goalie both looked at each other wondering what had just hapenned! Kanata girls were jubilating but they were brought back to reality very quickly. Their celebration lasted a mere 18 seconds! At 4:14 left in the second period, the Nordiks had turned around and went on to score in the proper net! New score 4-2.

The Nordiks's 4th goal of the game just went in!

Let me tell you that you better not go get a coffee when the Nordiks are playing! As we just saw, within 57 seconds, the score went from 3-1 to 4-2!! That’s 2 goals in less time it would take you to get to the coffee shop!

I wish I had been on the viewing deck beside Joanasi Kaitaq when the Nordiks took their own goalie by surprise. Joanasi is one of the team’s accompanying adult. When the girls are on the ice, he can be seen attentively watching the game while having a fifty minute long cellphone conversation.

You can see Joanasi (second from the right) cellphone in hand and observing the game from the viewer's deck.

Well! Contrary to one might assume, Joanasi is not just having an ordinary chat. The reality is much more interesting! Joanasi is providing a radio commentary of the Nordiks’ games that is being broadcasted live to all Nunavik communities! So cool!! He’s to Nunavik what René Lecavalier or Claude Queneville were to French Canadians when French CBC broadcasted Saturday night hockey!! Wish I could have heard & understood his description of that surprise goal!!

Joanasi Kaitaq

Joanasi has been playing the live commentator’s role for about 6 years. He regularly commentates the games of Nunavik boy hockey teams participating in tournaments. He’s not sure whose idea it was in the first place but it wasn’t his! The very first time he commentated a game live for the radio was here in Ottawa. The experience was later repeated during a tournament in Quebec City and now he comes along wherever a Nunavik team takes part in a tournament. It was therefore a given that he would be the commentator for this very first Nunavik girls team participation in a tournament.

Joanasi admits to sometimes having trouble remembering all of the girls’ names! He’s got them printed out on a tiny piece of paper to help him. His descriptions are provided in Inuktitut but English words do slip in once in a while. He uses whatever comes to mind first especially when the action is frantic on the ice. And believe me, that’s the case most of the time!

The Nordiks wan today’s first match by a score of 6-2. Goal 5 was scored with 32 seconds of the start of the 3rd period. Goal 6 was scored with 7:18 minutes left in the game.

First victory of the day.

The girls had a few hours break before their second game of the day. Jean, their bus driver and new #1 fan, was waiting to help them throw their equipment at the back of the bus.

Jean, the team's bus driver and new #1 fan!!

At 5PM, the team was back on the ice at the Bell’s Sensplex to face the Kanata 4 team.

Joanasi observing the 5PM game at the Sensplex.

Once again, their opponents were in for a treat. The Nordiks scored 5 goals, the first one at 1 minute precisely of the start of the game. Goal #2 was scored at 7:54 minutes of the first period. Two more goals scored in the second period, #3 at 6:11 and #4 at 5:35. Final goal was scored at 4:43 of the third period.

After winning all three games and scoring a total of 15 goals while giving only 2 to their opponents, the Nunavik Nordiks have obviously wan their place into the semi-finals. What an accomplishment! The fact that the team was scheduled to fly back home Sunday, the day of the semi-finals and championship, gives an indication that the officials considered that the odds of making it were against them. Well! That was before the girls stepped in!

The Nunavik Nordiks girls midget team 2011-2012 and coaching staff!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report on the results of the semi-finals and, based on what we have witnessed over the last four days, the odds are that they will also make it to the championship game!!!

If you can spare some time and feel like coming to support the Nordiks, please come on down!!! Their semi-finale game is at 14:15 at the Bell’s Sensplex. If they win then they’ll be playing for the championship later that day!

In the mean time, here are a few more of today’s photos.
France Rivet

12:30PM game against the Kanata 3 team

5PM game against the Kanata 4 team

2 comments to Nunavik Nordiks girls midget hockey team makes it to the semi-finals!

  • Hannah Gordon

    I’m a proud mother of 2 girls on team Nunavik. Leanne Petagumskum-goalie #20 and her older sister Jana Petagumskum-defense #2. Since I couldn’t be with them I’m grateful for your blog and pictures. I get to see them play. (in a way) Thank you for that.


  • Yolande St-pierre

    Bravo les filles, je vous suis en pensées depuis le début du tournoi .

    Félicitations aux entraineurs

    Une pensée spéciale pour ma belle Tusajapiq

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