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Nunavik Nordiks are going back home holding their head high!

The very first tournament in the history of the Nunavik Nordiks’ girls hockey team ended earlier this afternoon when the team faced the Sudbury Her-Icanes in the semi finals. During the whole game, the Nordiks gave headaches to their opponent.

They had their goalie on her butt!

They had their defense and offense players running!

They fought hard for the puck!

They got in their way!

They got together to prevent that puck from going in!

They even insisted! No! It’s not going in!

The referee stepped in and confirmed the decision: No goal!

Speaking of referees: the Nordiks even had one of them dancing 😉

But, unfortunately, for the first time in the tournament, their opponents also gave the Nordiks some headaches. It started with the very first goal of the Her-Icanes with 3:41 left in the second period. Here’s the sequence of shots I was able to get of that goal.

Then, at 2:53, the Her-Icaners did it again!

But, as the two defense players told the goalie: “Don’t worry! We’ve got a plan to fix things up real soon” 😉

And they sure did! 37 seconds later the Nordiks scored their first goal. In a split second their fans jumped up with joy!

With 1:02 left in the second period, the Nordiks tied the score 2-2. Once again their fans were clapping, screaming, whistling, banging on the walls, jumping up and down! WOO HOO! GO NUNAVIK GO!

Speaking of fans, did you notice something different today? Yes, the number of Nordiks’ fans more than quadrupled from previous days! Indeed!! Several family members made the trip to Ottawa specifically to cheer for a daughter, a sister, … It was so neat to see a much larger crowd cheering for the Nordiks! I’m sure the girls were thrilled as well.

Unfortunately, the Her-Icanes hadn’t said their last word. They went on to score three more goals. Goal #3 was scored only 23 seconds in the 3rd period. Goal#4 was scored at 6:13.

When the 5th goal was scored in an empty net at 3:44, a time-out was called.

The Nordiks’ tireless flash fan from Wednesday’s friendship game was still cheering for her friends!

When the buzzer signaling the end of the game was heard, the Nordiks did as they’ve done in all previous games and grouped together.

Of course, this “big hug” was less joyful than that of previous games. But, the sadness might very well be due to the fact that they knew they would not get to play together again as a team for at least another year!

One thing for sure, the Nordiks’ girls midget team has proven without a doubt that their presence in such tournaments is more than legitimate! Their above expectation performance reminds us all that with perseverence, hard work, motivation, team work, even your wildest dreams are reachable!

Congratulations to all players (Leanna, Andrea, Emaly, Lucina, Rebecca, Tusaajiapik, Sacha, Gloria, Julia (2), Molly, Jana, Minie Molly, Alice, Penina), the two goaltenders (Leanne and Pamela), the whole team of NYDHP coaches, instructors, tutors (Joé, Louis, Erica, Joanasi, and all the others involved I haven’t had the chance to meet!) and the families who support and encourage their children throughout the year. Nunavik and the whole province of Quebec can be very proud. You can represent us any time you’d like!!

Keep up the great work and see you next year!
France Rivet

3 comments to Nunavik Nordiks are going back home holding their head high!

  • Pitro

    C’est toute une expérience pour ces jeunes, alors
    bravo pour leur tenacité. La défaite n’est pas toujours facile à accepter, mais elle fait partie d’une leçon de vie
    Elles repartent certainement avec fierté car elles ont
    accompli un grand pas en se faisant connaître dans le
    milieu du hockey féminin.

    Attention, l’an prochain elles vont revenir en force!

    Merci France de ces beaux commentaires, et des belles photos. On a pu suivre l’événement à distance.

    Bon retour à tous!

  • Hannah Gordon

    The girls didn’t win but they will forever be winners in our hearts!

    Congratulations girls! What a great accomplishment for your first ever all girls tournament.

    I’d like to thank the NYDHP team for taking such good care of our girls. Also to the fans for all the encouragement they gave.

    And a very big Thank you to you France for keeping us updated with all the games and for the fantastic pictures. Great job!

  • Lucie Gauthier

    À toutes les filles et tous les entraineurs de l’ équipe du Nunavik,

    Je suis une mère d’une joueuse de l’équipe des Her-ricanes de Sudbury. Ma fille Bianca (#18) et moi, nous voulons vous féliciter pour le beau hockey que vous avez joué!

    Votre équipe est extrèmement bien dirigée. La qualité du hockey et le bon sportsmanship est à la hauteur!

    Nous sommes tellement fières de voir le hockey féminin se développer dans tous les coins de notre pays.


    To all girls and coaches,

    I am the mother of one of the players ( #18) on the Sudbury Her-ricanes. We both would like to tell you how we were impressed with the level of hockey and the excellent sportsmanship displayed!

    Your team is obviously well coached and trained. It is wonderful to see women’s hockey developing in all corners of our country.

    Congrats to all.

    Lucie and Bianca Gauthier
    Wahnapitae, Ontario

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