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Unveiling Polar Horizons’ New Logo

(Version française de ce texte)

Polar Horizons gets a makeover! Today we are pleased to unveil our new logo.

So you can see the logo’s evolution, here are those that have been used in the past.

Logo used from 2007 to March 2010

Logo used from 2010 to October 2012

And here is…. the new logo designed by graphic designer Nicole Vallée of Domino Creative, which will be officially in force starting tomorrow:

Here are comments we have already received on our new logo:

It’s colors and shapes are quite nordic. It reminds me of ice, icebergs, “cold” waters, the opacity of the snow and the transparency of the ice, the cold from the North … I liked the two bears of your previous logo because you had photographed them so well … but I find this one very interesting leaving room for the imagination of the North and the great outdoors (Louise B.)

It is truly amazing! It is modern, design and glossy at the same time! (Andrée R.)

I love the logo, in addition to reflecting the poles, I see the “diamond” tip of the iceberg so fragile despite its strength! A beauty to preserve, a rough diamond that is the source of this whole glacial world! (Caroline A.)

Here’s what I like:

  • overall the logo is a lot colder than your old one. That may be appropriate, given your focus
  • the iceberg looks like a diamond: cold, clean lines, valuable
  • the font is very minimalistic and clean looking
  • All in all, this may be a very appropriate logo for what you’re doing. However, my personal, admittedly highly subjective, impression is that it’s too minimal. I always liked the blues and orange of the old logo, the bears, the birds — it was a very attractive design. So, if you’re asking the guy with not a graphic bone in his body, I like the new one, but I like the old one better (Ingo P.)

And you… what are your thoughts on Polar Horizons’ new logo?

Can you see the polar bear? The tail of a whale? The igloo? What else can you see?

It is with great excitement that I inform you that a brand new website will be online tomorrow morning, Wednesday October 31. Our website will therefore be unaccessible from about 9AM until the transition is complete.

Looking forward to introducing you to the new site tomorrow.
France Rivet

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