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Abraham Ulrikab’s story nominated for the People Land Truth Awards

(version française de ce billet)

Hello everybody,

I am most pleased to inform you that the article Eight Labrador Inuit Trapped in a 19th Century Human Zoo, recently published by Intercontinental Cry magazine, a publication of the Center for World Indigenous Studies, has been selected as one of the twenty nominees for the very first People Land Truth Awards.

Click on the image to get to the page where you can vote.

Click on the image to get to the page where you can vote.

This awards program is being established to recognize excellence in the field of investigative journalism.

“While many of us work in board rooms or in the comfort of our own homes, journalists are constantly heading out to the front lines of the world–risking incarceration, kidnapping, deportation, torture, even their lives–in order to tell us what’s happening around us. They are our eyes and ears. The People Land Truth Awards is our way of saying thanks for all the crucial work that journalists do; and especially journalists at IC, who do it free of charge.”

John Ahni Schertow
Editor in Chief, IC Magazine

The winning articles will be selected by popular vote. The process is quite simple: vote for your favorite articles by clicking on its “thumbs up” icon . You can vote for as many articles as you wish. But, that said, you can vote only once for a given article, and once you have submitted your vote, you can’t change it. If there are some articles you didn’t care for, you have the option of giving it a “thumbs down”.

Voting is open until October 1st, 2015.

To take part in voting go to First Annual People Land Truth Awards. Just scroll down and you’ll see the 20 nominees.

At the present time, it’s a close battle for first place between the Abraham Ulrikab’s story and one on Saskatchewan remaining nuclear waste free.

Abraham’s story is the only one nominated which pertains to the Inuit culture, to Nunatsiavut, to Labrador, to Canada’s Arctic, even to the circumpolar world. If these are subjects close to your heart, thank you in advance for taking a few minutes of your time to vote for our story.
France Rivet

2 comments to Abraham Ulrikab’s story nominated for the People Land Truth Awards

  • T. Hamilton

    An amazing story that I was completely ignorant of before this book.

  • France Rivet

    Thank you T. for taking the time to read the article and writing a comment. It is indeed an amazing story that few people knew about. I’m glad to contribute to bringing it into the light, and also to give some exposure to Nunatsiavut, a region of Canada’s North that so few people know exist. Let’s hope word about the story will continue to spread.

    Have a great day!

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