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A Pinterest page dedicated to Abraham Ulrikab’s story

(version française de ce billet)


For the last two weeks, I’ve been having fun discovering Pinterest and its image collection world. I started by tagging recipes for the slow cooker, but soon an idea popped up that was a lot more exciting and challenging: What if I was to try to visually document Abraham Ulrikab’s story? Of course, I started with pinning the different photos of Abraham I found on the web. Then, I added the links to various articles and interviews about his story or about the book “In the Footsteps of Abraham Ulrikab”. And, why not add some music? I even included the song Isuma recently released by the duo Twin Flames which was inspired by Abraham’s diary. Cool!


Pintrest - Abraham Ulrikab

I couldn’t stop there! It seemed obvious that boards were needed to show how beautiful Abraham’s homeland is, and how fascinating the Inuit culture is. A few minutes later, the Nunatsiavut board came to life with images from Hebron, the Torngat mountains, and from the other communities in Northern Labrador. To represent the Inuit culture, I created a board called “Labrador Inuit” with portraits of Inuit from Labrador, and one simply called “Inuit” for portraits originating from other parts of the Arctic. I’ve also initiated the “Kayak” and “Dog sledding” boards to make the link with the demonstrations Abraham, Tobias and Tigianniak were doing in Europe as they travelled to introduce Europeans to their way of life.

Europe! Of course, a board dedicated to each city visited by the Labrador Inuit in 1880–1881 is a must. At present, you’ll find Hamburg, Paris, Prague as well as boards for two of the zoos who hosted the Inuit: the Berlin zoo and the Jardin d’acclimatation in Paris. Boards for Frankfurt, Darmstadt, and Crefeld will be coming soon.

Abraham having travelled to Europe for the purpose of being exhibited in ethnographical shows, I couldn’t avoid including boards to document this era (1870s-1930s) during which more than 35,000 people, originating from all continents, were exhibited. Therefore, you’ll find boards which collect photographs, posters, or illustrations of these exhibitions, but also boards for Carl Hagenbeck, the Hamburg zoo owner and a pioneer of these “human zoos”, and for Johan Adrian Jacobsen, who was mandated by Hagenbeck to recruit “Eskimos”.

Pintrest - boards relating to Abraham Ulrikab's story

It’s been a most interesting challenge to conduct this exercise. By no means, am I done! But I thought I’d let you have a look at this first version of my the Pinterest page dedicated to Abraham Ulrikab. Here is the link where it can be found:

If you have comments, suggestions of photos to add to a board, or a theme that appears in Abraham’s story you feel should be turned into a board, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Looking forward to continue expanding this iconographic collection.

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