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Jaaji Uppik and Chelsey June launch Twin Flames’ first album

(version française de ce billet – comportant une série différentes de photos du spectacle)


On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, the duo Twin Flames launched their first album at the cabaret La Basoche in Gatineau. It was in front of a full house that Chelsey June and Jaaji Uppik interpreted nine of their compositions, a small taste of their May 13, 2016.

Twin Flames - CD cover

Twin Flames—CD cover

The couple was accompanied by their four musicians: Karolyne Lafortune (violin), Johanthan Edwards (lead guitar), Andy Dubois (drums), Mark Fraser (bass and cello). In addition, two young Inuit women, Kirsten Kownak (originally from Iqaluit) and Riit Mike Murphy (originally from Pangnirtung), made special throat singing appearances.

For my part, I had the honour of introducing the duo.

Introduction du spectacle en compagnie de Kristen Kownak et Riit Mike Murphy (Photo: Carole Rivet)

Show’s introduction with Kristen Kownak et Riit Mike Murphy (Photo: Carole Rivet)

The text, written by Chelseyread as follows:

Once upon a time in a land of ice and snow there lived a man. This man spent his life on the land and learned the ways of his people. He loved his life but always felt like there was something missing… He searched and searched until one day he found himself in the land of warmth and light. The man was familiar with this odd world but it was so far from his home. The man continued to look for the part of him that seemed to feel empty. He tried all different things to fill up the space in his soul but nothing seemed to work… He wrote songs about his home and the land and how he missed the snowflakes blowing in the wind. He shared his stories and songs for all to hear and people started to listen…

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in a land of concrete and noise. She yearned for nature and for the sounds of the forest that were deep-rooted in her childhood memories… The woman went through her life always feeling like something was missing. She tried all different things to fill up the space in her soul but nothing seemed to work…. She ventured and sought to learn the ways of her people even though they had been hidden for generations. The woman brought back the stories of her ancestors and shared them through song with all who would listen.

One day the woman travelled to a place lead by a rainbow in the sky. The sky glistened pink and she knew the ancestors were hard at work. She sat by a sacred fire where the two rivers met and she listened…

She listened to the voices that surrounded her and all the new people she had met but one voice stood out.

Two dark-brown eyes met hers in a moment, in a glance. The ancestors knew what the woman and the man had been looking for and what they were missing all along…

The golden eagle spirit urged the girl to sing and the white snowy owl spirit sang in return, together they spread their wings. The man and the woman met within the flame in their hearts… Now they soar without fear, no longer searching.

That is how they became Twin Flames.

Here are some photos of the show which dazzled us all!



Johanthan Edwards and Chelsey June

Jaaji Uppik

Jaaji Uppik

Jaaji Uppik, Riit Mike, Kristen Kownak

Jaaji Uppik, Riit Mike, Kristen Kownak



In the “Videos” section of Twin Flameswebsite you will see excerpts from some of their shows. You’ll hear, among other songs, Winds of Change and Nunaga both of which they played on Tuesday. And here is Isuma, a most special song, inspired by Abraham Ulrikab’s diary which will be part of the soundtrack of the documentary Trapped in a human zoo based on Abraham’s story!

If you speak French, check out the French version of this blog post for links to interviews with Chelsey & Jaaji that were published/aired to promote the launch of their album.

I hope you’ll agree with me that Twin Flames is on its way to conquer the hearts of people of the North, South, East and West!

France Rivet

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