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Le Groenland au Jardin d’acclimatation, Paris, 1877 / Greenland at the Jardin d’acclimatation, Paris, 1877

Récemment, lors d’une recherche sur le site de Gallica de la Bibliothèque nationale de France, mon attention a été attirée par une série d’illustrations publiées le 24 novembre 1877 dans Le journal Amusant. Le dessinateur, Gilbert Randon (1814-1884), avait dépeint les six Inuits recrutés par Johan Adrian Jacobsen à Jakobshavn, maintenant Ilulissat, et présentés […]

Ice Photo #5 – Evighedsfjord, Greenland / Photo de glace #5 – Evighedsfjord, Groenland

This week’s ice photo was taken on July 10, 2016, during Adventure Canada’s Greenland and Northern Labrador expedition. When we woke up that day, the Ocean Endeavour was anchored in the Evighedsfjord (the fjord of Eternity) with glaciers and high mountains in the background. The highlight of the morning was the zodiac cruise to approach […]

Ice Photo #3: Twisted Ice Chunk / Photo de glace #3 – Torsade de glace

This week’s ice photo was taken during a late night cruise in the Ilulissat Ice Fjord in Greenland’s Disko Bay. The captain had just used his fishing net to scoop up several small pieces of ice that had broken off nearby icebergs. This one looked most interesting with its twisted shape.

La photo de glace […]

Flight over the southern tip of Greenland & the Labrador Coast


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Good day everyone!!

Finally! I am breaking the silence of the last month and a half. Recently, I had the great pleasure of spending two weeks in Paris for a research project. Last Wednesday, during my flight back to Canada, our plane flew over the southern tip of Greenland […]