Awaken Your Polar Passion

All who have travelled to the Arctic or Antarctic return transformed by the experience: the stunning landscape, unique wildlife and charming people.

At Polar Horizons, we are grateful for all the opportunities we have to travel to various parts of the Arctic as well as for the privilege of having done historical research on chapters of history that we share with the Inuit community.

It is our deareast desire to help you benefit from what we have seen and experienced as well as to contribute in the building of bridges between Northerners and Southerners.

Given that Polar Horizons had the privilege of being the force motrice of the research that led to the discovery of the remains of ABRAHAM ULRIKAB and of the other Labrador Inuit who died in Europe in the nineteenth century, it is also our responsibility to share our knowledge, and thus contribute to the reconciliation process.

Through our TALKS AND FILM SCREENINGS you will discover ABRAHAM ULRIKAB's story: one of the Canada’s most moving human stories involving a group of eight Inuit from northern Labrador who were brought to Europe in 1880 to become zoo attractions!

Our BOOKSTORE offers you the opportunity to discover and order our publications, the result of research spread over several years and highlighting little-known chapters of history.

It is also in our BOOKSTORE that you will discover our collection of five notebooks, each on a different theme related to the Arctic: Arctic Flora, Arctic Ice, Polar Bears, Wildlife North of the 60th Parallel and Nunatsiavut.

In the ART CARDS section, you can choose from more than 225 images that explore a variety of themes related to polar regions and nature (flora, fauna, landscapes, ...).

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Nothing pleases us more than to share our adventures, knowledge and passion for the polar regions with you. We would be more than thrilled to contribute to the awakening of your own polar passion!