Nunatsiavut (“our beautiful land”) extends along the Labrador coast from the community of Rigolet all the way to the Torngat Mountains National Park (“place inhabited by spirits ”) at the northern tip of the peninsula. A highly symbolic place in Inuit legends, the Torngat mountains are mainland Canada’s highest mountains east of the Rockies.

This notebook is designed to introduce you to this breathtaking and awe-inspiring land, and to the Inuit’s rich and fascinating culture and history. Hopefully these few pictures will entice you to discover the Labrador Inuit’s homeland for yourself.

This 6" X 9" (15 X 23 cm) notebook has a total of 80 pages and 20 colour photographs. Pages are lined.

To view the interior of the Nunatsiavut notebook click on the image of the cover below:

Nunatsiavut Notebook cover image